About Renzi & Hawkens Studio

With an ease and comfort of working together as an unparalleled team, Renzi & Hawkens Studio surpass all their clients expectations by creating innovative, artistic and emotionally charged images their clients adore. To paraphrase what clients love about our work: “looking through your images is like watching a documentary film by virtue of still photography – a complete narrative”.

Versatile in creating artistically stunning images with a relaxed and free spirited energy.

We capture those magical, intangible moments and details most people miss. These are the little gems that resonate with our clients.


There’s just something about a pretty wedding day photo that never, ever fails to take my breath away, and when it comes to the amazing work of Renzi & Hawkens Studio, you can count on me being all sorts of speechless.  I’m talking moment after moment of absolute perfection captured by some of the most brilliant photographers you’ll ever have the privilege to meet.  Their work is simply mesmerizing!”


“I have worked with TONS of photographers for many events I’ve done at Calvin Klein and now with Vanity Fair – Gina and Jude are by far the best!”

Betsy Low Bertoni VANITY FAIR

“You captured a moment in our lives that was particularly important to us; and you did it with such sensitivity that the warmth and glow of the occasion will remain with our family now forever.   That’s what great photography does: it freezes love in time.”

Ted Koppel   ABC

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