Taking inspiration from the masters

written by  Gina Renzi

All photographic images watermarked © Renzi & Hawkens Studio

Artist: John Singer Sargent


Whenever I get a chance I love visiting museums to study and stare in awe at my favorite painters.  Just yesterday we jumped in our car to visit The Clark and indulge in their permanent collection.  It was absolute heaven strolling through their expansive, great rooms filled with sumptuous paintings by Renoir, Sargent, Pissarro, Degas, Homer and a myriad of other incredible masters.  I take such inspiration from their enormous talents.  Fumbling for my glasses I gazed at the layers of translucent colors giving life to all the glorious naked nymphs and pale, aristocratic ladies staring back at me with purposeful, languid expressions.  My eyes almost filled with tears as I stood within an inch of Sargent’s creamy painted brush strokes depicting a beautiful woman lifting her snow white veil with such delicate hands.  It’s because of these artists I am inspired to see such beauty in photography.  Through my lens I can only aspire to catch a glimpse of such beauty.  Plus it helped to have an amazing mother who showed me at a very early age to notice all the magic around us every day.

ps. had to throw the dog in – so very Downton :)

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