Think flowers… think Ariella Chezar

written by: Gina Renzi

Believe it or not, I heard a bird chirping outside my window this afternoon but when I looked out all the trees and ground were still covered with a thick blanket of white after a late winter snowfall.  Still, with the spring season just around the corner – what better time to think… FLOWERS!  All those glorious shades of ballerina pinks, banana-cream yellows, sugary-blue violets and bright, citrus-oranges just waiting to patiently bloom.  I’d say we’re all in need of some cheerful colors after five, long months of winter.

To welcome in the spring season, Gina Renzi Photography would like to spotlight the stunning floral designs by critically acclaimed floral artist, Ariella Chezar.  We’ve loved working with Ariella in the past and look forward to photographing more of her lovely designs this fall at The Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs.  This historic, 19th century church is an incredibly romantic venue for weddings!  Very… ‘Phantom of the Opera meets Shabby Chic.’

As one NYC bride put it – “I chose Ariella because I felt she was a sculptor and NOT a florist.  She loved my vision and color scheme – think muted, dusty pastels from a Degas painting, and rustic sophisticated.”

From a Sonoma mountaintop to The New York Public Library to The White HouseAriella Chezar’s stunning floral arrangements make any occasion a work of art.  For more of Ariella’s beautiful portfolio please visit her newly updated website:

A bright and beautiful bridal bouquet by Ariella Chezar

Blooming bouquets

Saratoga spring bouquets

Good things come in small packages

a delicate wreath of violet lace

A floral sculpture by Ariella Chezar

light and lovely

Butter cream blossoms

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